I told you so.

In tonight’s episode of The Frick Show we talk about the new leader of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi Jinping. Xi seems to be a friendly person, but we don’t really know whether that will lead to a change in Chinese politics. Therefore we welcome in our studio dr. So, an expert on the cliques at Zhongnanhai, the Chinese Kremlin.

Dr. So, our first question of course is: who is Xi?
‘I thought you wanted to ask something about China. But you keep on talking about a woman, however without specifying who she is. So I’m very sorry, but I can’t answer your question.’

This a misunderstanding, there is no woman, Xi is a man.
‘She can not be a man, this I know of the English language: she refers to a woman. She-men do exist in China, but they better keep their mouths shut about that.’

No, no, I meant the leader of the Communist Party.
‘Aha, that’s Hu.’

I don’t know… I mean the néw leader. That’s Xi, isn’t he?

No, not Hu, but Xi.
‘Xi is not Hu, Hu is the current leader, Xi will be chosen next week.’

Right, so I ask you again: who is Xi?
‘Absolutely not! Hu is not Xi. Hu is Hu and Xi is Xi. You mustn’t mix them up. They are very different persons.’

So, let’s talk about their differences.
‘You shouldn’t call me So, but dr. So. Take this wise lesson from me: always be respectful to Chinese people.’

No, dr. So, I didn’t mean to be impolite, so is a stopgap of mine.

Please, tell our listeners who Xi is.
‘Xi is the new leader. Hu is the old leader and you mustn’t swap them.’

Why not?
‘Who is that?’

‘Hu is Wai Not? This can’t be correct, Not is a woman’s name. Is she the one you where talking about in the beginning of this conversation? So, she is Wai Not. That’s interesting, because Wai is very noble family.’

Dr. So, don’t you think Chinese politics is too confusing for westerners.
‘Indeed I do, the word confusion, however, has got nothing to do with the philosopher Confucius.’

Is that so?
‘No, that’s me.’